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There’s probably one trait you need above all else to be a great real estate agent - and that’s energy. And Cathy Roselli has loads of it. Cathy meets the challenges of the Auckland real estate world head on and she loves it.

In the property business for over 29 years now, Cathy’s astute mind, lively spirit, and warm manner ensure clients and their referred friends and family just keep coming back to her time and again.

Her awards in real estate are an impressive list – a reflection of her staying power and longevity in an industry that can sometimes try the strongest of constitutions.

Originally from the wild and beautiful West Coast of the South Island, Cathy displays a rare combination of rock solid resilience coupled with a style and grace that others admire. Her early years in teaching set the course of Cathy’s path and she’s always made the best of wherever she finds herself. Time spent in the high pressure world of stocks and shares following the completion of a Diploma in Sharebroking, reveals Cathy’s ability to transact business at the highest levels.

Cathy is the kind of person for whom nothing is an obstacle and everything is an adventure. She rolls with the punches to embrace any situation she is presented with.

Joining Ray White in 2013 was a decision that she has never regretted. It was a moment of serendipity that led her to the yellow Ray White door. She’s worked with several other real estate brands over the years and knows that the systems and culture at Ray White enhance her business like no other. Cathy believes the power of a supportive brand is crucial and she’s “in the right space” with Ray White and the team.

Cathy Roselli invites you to utilize her significant expertise, creativity, analytical approach and intuitive flair in the selling and buying of your home.

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