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Martin is an easy to approach and hard working professional person with strong sense of understanding customer's wants and needs. Whether you are selling or buying, Martin will be more than happy to provide you with Real Estate advice.
With his strong background in sales and customer service, along with his experience from different industries, he understands that there is only one
objective as a Real Estate salesperson - to help people achieve their goals. 5 years experience in hospitality industry taught Martin how to be respectful and thankful to all people from different cultures. 2 years experience in Logistics taught Martin how important time management is. 9 years experience in the Telecommunication industry taught Martin how to negotiate and look after clients and customers. Martin also talks your talk.
With his ability to speak Mandarin and English, Martin can give advice to all clients who prefer to speak in their native language.
When Martin isn't working, he loves taking his family to swim, ski or enjoy the local area activities.
Passionate and committed. People who work with Martin always say that he is full of energy and never leaves things behind. He is always the go-to-person of the team in terms of achieving goals, because when he sets a target, he will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Call Martin for all of your buying and selling needs.